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Learn how to pilot a 2,500 pound time machine. Get one-on-one flight training and recurrent training with a course and times tailored to your schedule. Learn to fly with confidence.

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Learn To Fly

Sky Beckons Aviation is an ideal school to Learn to Fly. We are located at Sky Manor Airport (N40) near Pittstown, New Jersey in scenic Hunterdon County, which is about halfway between Flemington and Frenchtown and halfway between I78 at Clinton and Route 12. The airplanes we use are all hangared and the office is arranged for a pleasant learning experience.

N40 is a great place to Learn to Fly. By way of its location, a student can Learn to Fly in airspace that is as uncongested as it can be in New Jersey or as busy as it gets in the United States with nearby New York. During mid-week, Sky Manor is a quiet airport, perfect for soloing students. On weekends, it is the aeronautical place to be with lots of fly in traffic for the restaurant and all sorts of single and twin-engine aircraft in the pattern.

Learning to fly is more than just using the controls, taking off and landing.

You will Learn to Fly:

  • In normal and crosswinds
  • In Class B (Philadelphia and New York), C (Allentown) and D (Trenton) airspace
  • At night
  • In limited visibility conditions
  • On both paved and grass runways
  • Safely in areas without radios to the most complex ATC environment
  • Cross-country to rural Pennsylvania or to busy, urban Long Island.
  • Using eyeballs and charts then electronic navigation and GPS.
  • To a safe landing in case of an emergency.

Learning to fly is a building block approach where the next lesson uses training and practice from the previous lesson. First you learn to handle the aircraft, then fly solo, then take the airplane to destinations far away and return. Finally you take and pass your Private Pilot check ride.

With the Private rating, a new pilot can be at the Jersey shore in about forty five minutes, Block Island in about an hour, Niagara Falls in about an hour and forty five minutes and so on. There is also a long list of locations where you can fly to for breakfast, lunch or dinner and even a nearby golf course in Pennsylvania (Butter Valley) where you can fly in, land on the 11th fairway, and play a round.

We have an ideal setting for Learning to Fly in New Jersey here at Sky Beckons Aviation.

So come out and Fly……..the sky beckons!

Services We Provide

  • Primary Flight Instruction
  • Instrument Instruction
  • Ground School
  • Pilot Supplies
  • Flight Reviews
  • Proficiency Checks
  • Orientation Flights
  • Aerial Photography
  • Airplane Rental


Sky Manor Airport (N40)
Pittstown, NJ 08867
Phone: (908) 996-7230

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