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Learn how to pilot a 2,500 pound time machine. Get one-on-one flight training and recurrent training with a course and times tailored to your schedule. Learn to fly with confidence.

About Us

Sky Beckons Aviation is a Part 61 Flight School established in 2005 and relocated to Sky Manor Airport in Pittstown, NJ in January 2007. We provide mainly Primary and Instrument flight training but also can give instruction in the clients/students own aircraft. We have used a single aircraft to this point to prove the workability of the location and concept and just recently purchased a second aircraft. Sky Beckons also has a well-equipped Skylane for instruction and rental.

Our business philosophy is to give the best overall instruction to achieve the student’s goal in the least time (and by extension, the least cost). We attempt to work with the students schedule rather than the student work with ours. Thus our hours are not set in stone. We are normally open from Thursday through Monday, but if a student can only fly on Fridays at 7am or Wednesdays at 6pm, we’ll be here to conduct the lesson.

Our instructors are all experienced pilots be it through flying general aviation or the airlines and have many hours of teaching and flying experience in all types of environments and conditions. For example, you’ll get instrument training in actual conditions if possible and practical.

Of the Primary students who soloed, 65% to date have gone on to achieve their Private rating.
Of all graduates, nearly 70% went on to owning their own aircraft.

In addition to Primary and Instrument flight training, we also can do:

  • Flight Reviews
  • Instrument Proficiency Checks
  • Recurrent Training (Lancair/Columbia/Corvalis 350 and 400)
  • Avidyne and G1000 systems
  • Tailwheel endorsements
  • Complex airspace familiarization
  • Introductory Flight Lessons
  • Discovery Flights
  • Aerial Photography Flights

The owners, Tom and JoAnn Kramer are both pilots. Tom has been a licensed pilot since 1980 and JoAnn got her license in 2009. If you come by the office to talk aviation, we’ll have someone who can answer any and all of your questions.

Services We Provide

  • Primary Flight Instruction
  • Instrument Instruction
  • Ground School
  • Pilot Supplies
  • Flight Reviews
  • Proficiency Checks
  • Orientation Flights
  • Aerial Photography
  • Airplane Rental


Sky Manor Airport (N40)
Pittstown, NJ 08867
Phone: (908) 996-7230

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