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Matthew Kiener

Started Flying: March 1991
Reason: Since I can remember it’s been my dream to fly. Aviation possesses challenges and rewards that I haven’t found elsewhere.

Total Hours: 2000+

Ratings: Airline Transport Pilot – Single & Multi Engine Land; Commercial Pilot – Single Engine Sea; Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument; Advanced Ground Instructor
Different Aircraft Types Flown: Twenty-seven
Highest Times In: Cessna 150 Aerobat; Cessna 172; Diamond DA-40; Piper Arrow; Piper Saratoga

High Points:

– I was attending a horse show in Montana near Glacier National Park. As I’d be there a for more than a week I decided to get checked out at the local flight school so I could rent a 172 and see the Rockies from the vantage point available only to those who fly. When word got out at the show I found myself making several flights bringing friends up and sharing the majesty. No words can describe the sights we saw; furthermore it was enough to convince
one of my passengers, Brewster, to start taking lessons.

– A favorite, and somewhat regular flight of mine is one out to Block Island, Martha’s Vineyard, or Nantucket for lunch and/or dinner. The contrasting scenery of flying over Manhattan compared to walking around the island is spectacular. Furthermore a day trip to any of these islands is a privilege available exclusively to those who fly.

– I owned a Cessna Aerobat for a decade and enjoyed the opportunity to flip it around, however, aerobatics in the North American T-6 and Extra 300 I flew were truly exhilarating.

– Flying a Piper Cub on floats was a most amazing experience, one I’ll never forget. I have over 100 landings on water and long for more.

– It was instruction from Tom Kramer at Sky Beckons, which enabled me to obtain many of my ratings including Instrument, Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument, and Airline Transport Pilot. Tom not only instructed me so that I could pass the check rides, but he taught ‘real life’ lessons that instilled confidence. In 2013 I flew some friends to Oshkosh for Airventure, a flight of a lifetime. To be one of dozens of planes, in close proximity, actively approaching the airport and having to share the runway with three others landing simultaneously was a feat I’ll not soon forget. It was a treat to see Tom & JoAnn there and know it was largely due to their help I made that trip.

– Perhaps my favorite flights are those carrying dogs. In 2011 I flew my first “Rescue Mission” bringing a litter of puppies from a kill shelter where they were about to be euthanized because of overcrowding, to a non-kill shelter. It was a relay; meaning three pilots were involved covering three legs. The dogs originated in SC, and I had the last leg delivering them to NY. I adopted one of those puppies, and named her Piper. After that mission I
purchased a new plane (Piper Saratoga) capable of flying more dogs further & faster. It’s brought me to some fun places I’d not otherwise have visited. I’ve transported dozens and dozens of dogs and l find these flights to be most rewarding.

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