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Tom Kramer

Pilot License Number: 2864656CFI
Started flying: 1979
Reason: Both older brothers were pilots and I was interested in aviation since I was a child, attending my first airshow at McGuire AFB when I was 2. The second brother went into the USAF and over a 25 year career retired a Lt. Colonel and flew 3,800 hours mostly in F4 Phantoms and F16s. However, when I went through college in the mid-1970s the military had too many qualified pilots and there were no openings from ROTC, only the service academies. The airlines were going through one of their many hard times so civilian flying was the only way I could live my dream.

Total Hours: 8,500

Ratings: Commercial, Instrument, Instructor, Single and Multi-Engine Land.
Different aircraft types flown: 35  Highest times in: Cessna 172, 182, Turbo206, 421B Golden Eagle, Columbia 400, Piper PA-24
Other high points: Crossed the entire United States three times in a 172 and have over 4,400 hours of cross country time as Pilot in Command. I also have nearly 700 hours of night time and 400 hours of instrument time, both simulated (70) and actual (330). I have been a corporate pilot for a New Jersey based company from 2004 to 2012 flying 1100 hours in their Turbo 206 and nearly 600 hours in their Columbia 400 taking sales personnel all across the United States into nearly 300 different airports and Canada, through all seasons in all different kinds of weather.

I have been actively teaching since 1990, mostly primary and instrument students and have given over 4000 hours of instruction.

From 1979 through 2004, I was working as in outside sales as a Regional and then National Sales Manager using my aircraft for sales calls throughout the Southwest and East.

My wife JoAnn and I co-own Sky Beckons Aviation and she received her Private Pilot license in 2009.   She recently passed her instrument written with a 92.

Services We Provide

  • Primary Flight Instruction
  • Instrument Instruction
  • Ground School
  • Pilot Supplies
  • Flight Reviews
  • Proficiency Checks
  • Orientation Flights
  • Aerial Photography
  • Airplane Rental


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